Hockey Betting Sites For U.S. Residents

USA Hockey Betting SitesThere are plenty of online sportsbooks that are available to those interested in placing a wager on the NHL. And with that, come lots of betting lines covering game lines for the 82 regular season games that are played during the year. Betting sites for hockey will separate it into its own section, making the navigation to find the lines that a player is interested in very easy to find. And you won't have to wait very long once the season gets going, because daily odds will be formed for every matchup on the schedule.

This page aims to explain more about betting sites for the NHL, and what exactly the makeup of such sections includes. Those looking to place a real-money wager will have ample lines during the course of the regular season to sift through.

Is It Legal To Bet Hockey Games Online?

As long as you are not a professional hockey player or manager, you should have nothing to worry about when using any of the sportsbooks that are located offshore. These are competely safe to use and would be among the best USA sports gambling websites if that type of online gambling was regulated in the U.S. Still, even without regulation, Americans should not worry about any legal troubles as long as they are not actually running a sports betting ring. USA betting sites always recommends that you keep betting activities on the low... or discreet for the old-timers out there.

Recommended NHL Sportsbook For Americans


BetOnline Sportsbook

BetOnline gives U.S. residents the chance to place a variety of different bets on hockey. The NHL is the main focus here, though when it comes to special events like the Winter Olympics or the Frozen Four in college there will also be betting lines for those as well.BetOnline covers every NHL game with a goal-line, money lines, and total for the matchup + props and futures to go along with the season as well. Among the popular props includes the odds to win the MVP. Stanley Cup futures are quite popular as well, and are always available during the season adjusting accordingly. Create a BetOnline account today and begin betting within minutes.

BetOnline USA Betting Site


Trusted Websites For Online NHL Betting:

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NHL Hockey Betting Odds + Wager Types Typically Found Online

So you are interested in betting on the NHL and want to find out a bit more information about what can be expected when you visit a sports betting site that features hockey. Well, the good news is that there will be no shortage of what you can wager on and it starts each morning with game lines that are created for the day's NHL matchups.

Down the line, hockey fans will be able to see which games are on the schedule for the day, the time it takes place, plus the game lines and payouts. In hockey, similar to other sports, there is a spread though in other sports more points are scored so payouts work slightly different. The goal-line, in hockey, is usually set at 1.5 goals for the spread for a matchup. The team that is favored on the moneyline, which is the straight up betting line, will be the team that has to cover the 1.5 goals. But typically, the team that has to cover will be receiving the higher payout than the underdog on the moneyline. This is because a team would have to win by two goals to cover, where a one-goal loss or win for the other team would win the wager. It's one of the few sports where betting the spread on the favored team for the moneyline can profit significantly more.

Other wagers are formed as well. Those who want to gamble can choose to lay down money on team prop odds which will be formed daily and available for wagering at sportsbooks. Team props can cover things line total goals scored for one team, the first team to score a goal in the game, the first team to score two goals, the first team to have a penalty, and things of that nature.

Then of course there are player props, which can be things like how many assists or goals a player might have in the matchup for one night. Prop odds can be different a lot of the time, so it's not always consistent.

Odds to win the Stanley Cup are quite popular as well, with betting sites for the NHL certainly having those up. And with this being a futures wager, the betting odds can be found most anytime during the year as well, it doesn't even have to be in the season. In fact, out of season is when some of the best payouts are available when wagering on a team to win it all.

NHL betting lines are thoroughly covered at many online sportsbooks, and provide some great chances to make some money.