Can Online Sportsbooks Be Trusted? Are They Legit?

The fact that online sports betting sites are not permitted to operate in the United States might cast a cloud over the betting sites that accept American players and are legal. When one hears the terms 'offshore' or 'not based in the U.S.' the first thought might seem to steer away from legitimacy. That would be a disservice to the sports betting industry though, because some of the top-tier sports betting sites around the world accept players from the United States. It's important that you learn first why online sportsbooks have to operate offshore to still provide a service that so many Americans want. Because in that explanation and knowledge we think you will find that USA betting sites meet the highest standards demanded from the industry and account holders.

Are Online Sportsbooks Legit? - How Do I Find Them?

Yes, the majority of online sportsbooks where American players are free to create accounts legally are very legit. They do set up their shop offshore but they are certified and highly regulated by independent parties, just as a state would regulate an online gambling site should they set up operation stateside.

Online sportsbooks will also often display their certifications on site, especially the ones that we talk about on the site here. Such qualifications help ensure the legitimacy of a sports betting site.

Of course perhaps the most telling aspect would be that of the account holders themselves. The 'word of mouth' concept would certainly play a big role in the declaration of a sports betting site being legit. If a site keeps their account holders happy with quality service there shouldn't be an issue. If not, that would come out pretty fast and things would not go well for that site. The online sports betting industry deals with tons of money every day, transferring hands to accounts and players and must adhere to the highest standard of care with their account holders.

Can Online Sports Betting Sites Be Trusted? - Is It Safe To Use Online Sportsbooks?

We briefly alluded to the concept of trust between player and sportsbook with the transaction of funds. But the fact of the matter is that there is even more to it than that. Sportsbooks will have information on account holder's names, address, phone number, state of residence, and more. This 'more' can also mean credit card number and bank accounts depending on the depositing and withdrawal process. As such, players will have to trust online sportsbooks to keep their information private.

The best sports betting sites where American players can play will have security placed at the highest level. Sportsbooks deal with money, it's what they do. They should know how to, and by developing a trustworthy reputation it further legitimizes the industry on the whole whether they specialize in betting on football or they are the best sportsbook for wagering on professional golf.

Sports betting sites have to be trustworthy, or they would not be in operation. Users who had their information compromised, or their funds not received would be known, as whistle blowing would take place and the site would be red flagged. But the first priority of a betting site is the protection of their accounts holders.


Bovada Sportsbook

Every person might have a different definition of trust and legitimacy depending on the context of the question. For sports betting sites that American players can rely on, it's Bovada Sportsbook plain and simple. Bovada is routinely cited in mainstream media as a source and reference for the latest betting lines. Visiting Bovada it's easy to understand why this is. In addition to having a great selection of sports and betting odds, their operating is very smooth and safe for real-money bets.

Bovada is licensed and regulated to ensure fair play and bets. The betting site has safety and security measures to protect account holder's information. There are no records of players not receiving payouts they have rightfully earned. This is a legit and reliable sportsbook to go with.

Bovada Sports Betting


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