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It is rare to find a USA sports betting site with as many features as BetOnline. This award-winning sportsbook delivers up-to-the-second odds on all major leagues, games, and contests, as well as semi-pro games, political races, and entertainment competitions. We are talking about a truly panoramic sportsbook that has something for everybody. BetOnline is also a vital resource for the 99% of us that don’t live near a land-based sportsbook. They are legal, safe, and free to join, so you can sign up today risk-free.

This review is going to go in-depth about all aspects of BetOnline. You will see how the site is able to function legally, and serve US residents from all fifty states. You will also learn about the safety standards that BetOnline has in place, such as the high quality software shared by all the top online retailers. After learning these essentials, you will get to know BetOnline by looking at the various features they offer.

Yes it is. You see, sports betting is viewed very differently throughout the world. Some countries, such as the Republic of Panama where BetOnline resides, allow online sportsbooks to prosper legally, and accept players from other parts of the globe. BetOnline is a fully functioning, legal sportsbook that accepts US players.

Online Sportsbooks are only allowed to exist in two states in America, Delaware and Nevada. This is because a federal law from 1992 called the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) restricts sports betting in general. Only states that had books ten years before the PASPA was created were allowed to be grandfathered in. Another federal law, the Wire Act, restricts sportsbooks from sending betting information between states. This means that only residents of Nevada can use online sportsbooks in Nevada.

All of this comes down to the fact that BetOnline, and other overseas sportsbooks, are where the majority of Americans go to bet. They are legal, safe, and you are not breaking any rules by wagering. There is no law in the US that targets the player or restricts him or her from joining a legal site. The laws only make it so that online sportsbooks cannot be facilitated in most US states. Us sports fans can consider ourselves lucky that BetOnline exists.

Is BetOnline A Safe Place To Bet Online?

BetOnline is now historic in internet terms, where one week can do to a business what it would take a year to do before the web made everything immediate. BetOnline was one of the first online sportsbooks, and has now been going strong for over a decade. This history gains BetOnline a certain amount of respect that many of the newer sites don’t have, especially in the safety department. This is a site that knows where to allocate funds, and safety is the top priority here.

BetOnline can afford the best security software with the most up to date encryption settings and top of the line monitoring systems. If ever there were a Cyberdyne corporation, BetOnline’s security protocols would rival theirs. There has never been a case of a member being subject to financial loss, identity theft, or any other type of security breach. That is a pretty phenomenal track record for a site that is over ten years old.

Does BetOnline Accept Bettors From All 50 States?

Yes, BetOnline is able to accept players from all 50 states. This is because there is no law, overseas or stateside, that restricts anyone from joining a legal and trusted online sportsbook. As long as you are over 18 years old, BetOnline will accept you. We do suggest, if you want to keep on the absolute safest side, to consult your state laws regarding the betting age. Many states set the age at 21, and sometimes 19. If you want to take every precaution there is, you should wait until you are legal in your state before signing up at BetOnline. However, no one over 18 from any state has ever gotten in trouble for using BetOnline.

BetOnline Betting OptionsBonusUSA?Visit Sportsbook
BetOnline Sportsbook50% Match Up To $1,000
BetOnline Casino100% Up To $1,000
BetOnline Poker100% Up To $1,000

Why Choose BetOnline Over The Rest?

The features, funding methods, and bonuses that make up an online sportsbook are what set one apart from the other. BetOnline does extremely well with all of these, and it is hard to pick just one thing that singles them out. The deposit and payout options are varied and fast, and the bonuses are insanely profitable. We will look at these features more in depth now.

What Deposit Options Does BetOnlne Offer?

Players want plenty of options when it comes to funding their accounts. Many sites offer only one or two deposit methods, which can be fine unless a problem emerges. One of the great things about BetOnline is that they offer an abundance of deposit options for its valued members. If you want a fast and easy method to start with, credit or debit cards are your best bet. Everyone has at least one, and BetOnline accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. The minimum for each of these cards is $50. Maximums vary, from $1,000 for Discover to $3,500 for Visa. Fees vary depending on the card.

Another popular deposit method is cash wire transfer, which uses a third party like Western Union or Money Gram to deliver. The minimum is $50 and the maximum is $900. BetOnline will cover fees on deposits of $300 or more. While credit/debit cards and cash wire transfers are the most popular deposit methods, BetOnline also lets you do money orders, bank wire transfers, and bitcoin, just to name a few. To see a full list of deposit methods, visit BetOnline’s cashier page.

What Payout Options Does BetOnline Offer?

Just as BetOnline has many options for funding your account, they also have a lot of options for withdrawing money from your account. The most popular methods are checks and cash wire transfers. Checks have three different options: Check by Mail, Check by Courier, and Check EXPRESS. Each of these methods has a minimum of $500 and a maximum of $2,500. Checks by mail are the slowest of the three, with a 30-day delivery window and a fee of $25. Checks by courier are a bit faster, with a 15-day delivery window and a fee of $35. Check EXPRESS is very fast, with a delivery window of only 7 days, but the fee is $50.

The other most popular method is cash wire transfer. For this service, you have to select a delivery service. Popular examples include Western Union and Money Gram. The minimum for cash wire is $50 and the maximum is $600. Payouts requested before 1pm EST will be available within 12 to 36 hours. Fees vary from $26 to $101. In addition to these popular withdrawal methods, BetOnline also offers bank wire transfers, bitcoin, and several others.

What Deposit Bonuses Does BetOnline Have?

One way that BetOnline has an edge over land-based sportsbooks is their bonuses. When you join BetOnline, you will be able to take advantage of some of the most valuable bonuses in the industry. You will get a 50% welcome bonus as soon as you open an account and make your first deposit up to $1,000. That’s a huge savings. You do the math. But there’s more! If you’re the type who likes to bet on the go, there’s a bonus just for you! It’s the Live Betting $25 Free Play, and it works in tandem with BetOnline’s Live In-Game Betting feature. You’ll receive an extra $25 if your bet wins, or will be reimbursed up to $25 if your bet loses. Also check out the Mobile Betting $50 Free Play and industry-best MLB Dime Lines. It’s like free money that’s just sitting there, waiting to be claimed.

Does BetOnline Have Mobile Betting?

We know that a lot of you out there just don’t have the time to sit at home and watch all the games you’d like to. In today’s busy world, there just isn’t enough time to make all the bets you’d like to make. Well, never fear. BetOnline has come up with the solution. It’s called mobile betting, and it’s the most convenient way to bet. It allows you to wager on any sport using you mobile device. Now you can take BetOnline anywhere. All you have to do is sign in to BetOnline and visit the mobile page and you’re ready. Or you can sign in directly from the mobile page if you like. Mobile betting is designed with the modern bettor in mind, and is just another cherry on top of an already sweet sports betting site.

Does BetOnline Offer Live In-Game Betting?

If you want the most hands-on, interactive experience from your USA betting sites, you’ll definitely want to give Live In-Game Play a shot. It allows you to bet on more than just a single outcome of a game. You can bet on many different actions and future actions, all listed and updated for your convenience after every commercial break. You’ll be able to watch the game as it is happening, and you can even see play-by-play recaps from various angles and viewpoints. It’s a fun and enjoyable way to get the most out of your BetOnline experience.

The Final Word On

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to see why BetOnline is the best online sportsbook for US players. Not only is the site legal and safe, its reputation precedes itself. Millions of sports betting fans already know how great BetOnline is. Really, the only way to really understand what makes the site so great is to try it for yourself. Once you do, a whole new world will open up where you can win money all the time, reap the rewards of money-saving bonuses and promotions, get an edge on the action with mobile and in-game betting, and hone your wagering skills with the most comprehensive sportsbook on the web. Go ahead and sign up. You won’t regret it.

BetOnline Sports Betting

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